About Us



Our basketball gym was started by a professional basketball player named Yaroslav Korolev. At the young age of 5, Yaroslav fell in love with the game of basketball with his dad as his coach. He wanted to pass down the love of the game and the benefits that his basketball classes provided him with the kids of the Pasadena, South Pasadena, Alhambra, and Arcadia areas.

We offer year-round programs that are broken up by age. We always welcome new students and are always reinforcing the fundamentals and basics of the game. We want every child that walks through our door for basketball training to feel confident in their ability to handle the ball. Our training is more than about how to bounce the ball and shoot baskets – it’s about building a healthy life from here on forward.

We can place any child with the right coach, no matter their abilities. Whether your child has never attended basketball classes or touched a ball, or you consider him an expert, we can help him. We welcome children that just need an outlet for their energy as well as those that are as serious as Yaroslav was about joining the NBA.

Call us today to learn more about our exciting programs for your child’s love for basketball. We promise we will work our hardest to improve his game and give him the direction in life he is searching to find.